Right Now Media

Exponential Church has a gift for you. You are receiving free access to RightNow Media–the world’s largest library of on-demand Bible study videos. Discover fun shows for kids, training videos on leadership, studies on books of the Bible, and much more. Getting started is easy–just click here.


Download The Bible App.  It’s a free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer. YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life.

Xchange App

What is it about?

Xchange is specifically designed to be a laser-focused, one-to-one experience, not a group study. The life-transforming power of Xchange comes through the relational depth achieved through a one-to-one dynamic.



First Steps for New Believers

Download this valuable resource for new believers where you will learn about Bible reading, prayer, journaling, having a meaningful quiet time and more.


Fasting is not something optional for followers of Jesus, He requires it of us.  But what is it and how can you safely do it? Click the box to the left for a helpful guide from renowned pastor and author, Dr. Bill Bright.

How to Tell Your Story

There is nothing more powerful than your personal story of how Jesus has changed your life. In this free resource from Campus Crusade for Christ you will learn how to put together your story in a way that will resonate with those who long for the same hope that you have.


Help your kids fall in love with the Bible. The Bible App for Kids has colorful illustrations, interactive animations, and activities to help kids remember what they learn.


This free and easy-to-use Bible study tool connects biblical principles to your everyday life. Use for independent study or with a group.


How many times have you told someone you’d pray for them but never did? With Pray With Me you can see the people you’re praying for and the people praying for you all in one place. You can even set up reminders to ensure that in the busyness of life you don’t forget those most important to you.


Everyone at Exponential Church is needed to serve in order for us be and do all that God has called us to.  But what should you do?  How should you serve?  In what ways are you gifted?  Thankfully the bible gives a list of various ways that God has uniquely created humans to serve Him.  These are called Spiritual Gifts and you can discover yours by clicking the box to the left and completing the short survey.