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In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.

-Philippians 2:5

Commit: being dedicated to a cause, activity or person

Living together isn’t for , it’s for .

1. Commitment is a that I make and back up by .

Don’t make rash promises, let your words be slow to come from your mouth…. It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it.

-Ecclesiastes 5:2, 5

2. The commitments I make will in time reveal my and .

If you do the right thing, honesty will be your guide. But if you are crooked, you will be trapped by your own dishonesty.

-Proverbs 11:3

“A commitment will only be as strong as the conscience that upholds it.”  

-Dr. John Van Epp

3. is my ability to a commitment long after the in which I made the commitment has .

A righteous person lives on the basis of his integrity.

-Proverbs 20:7

4. My commitment is an journey not a - .

I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death, so that one way or another I will experience the resurrection from the dead!

-Philippians 3:10-11

5. My commitment needs to be a to all other .

To discuss during the week with your family, Life Group, or Campus.

1. Gilbert described 5 key thoughts when it comes to commitments. Which one do you resonate most with?

2. Describe how you’ve seen a commitment to commitments work out for you whether your single or married?

3. Which of the scriptures today impacted you? Why?

4. What else stood out to you in this message?

5. What next step is Jesus asking you to take as a result of this message?