First, let me say this is an interesting time. As followers of Jesus, we are called to live by faith, while at the same time using wisdom in all that we do. So I’m encouraging you to not be ruled by fear but live by faith. God is bigger than any obstacle or virus Satan may throw our way. From an emotional standpoint, you should have a sense of peace right now in your life because you know The One who can calm the storm.

At the same time, use wisdom. Do your best to avoid direct physical contact with others. Wash your hands frequently. Sneeze into your elbow area. Avoid touching your face. If sick, don’t go out into public places. If you are over the age of 60 limit your time with others. If you have any pre-existing conditions which weaken your immune system, limit your time with others.

With all that said, we will be having our normal Worship Experience tomorrow at 10am. Many churches in our area are understandably closing because they have older congregations. With us being younger, I want to offer a place for people who do want to gather together to have that opportunity.

However, there are a couple of things that will be different…

-Please refrain from handshakes and hugs until further notice.

-Our normal greeting time will be modified to help promote the above.

-We will not be passing the offering buckets, but will instead have them available at the back doors for those that still elect to use cash or check. This is a good time to remind you that the easiest way to give is through digital giving on our website. or you can text any dollar amount to 84321.

As per usual, the church is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom every week in preparation for you attending and this week is no different.

Again, if you are sick (COVID-19 or just a common cold) please stay home to rest and keep the rest of us safe.  Also, if you elect to stay home because you are older or just want to use an abundance of caution, that is fine as well. No one is going to judge you saying you lack faith.

We will again be making Sunday’s sermon available online for viewing. I’m not sure yet which day it will be posted but at the latest it would be Wednesday night at 7pm. Stay tuned here and on our normal Facebook page for further details.

Most of all, be praying…

-Pray that God would put His hand of protection on all the people of the world.

-Pray that we can grow in our faith because of this trial.

-Pray that we can reach out as individuals and as a church body to take what Satan has meant for evil and turn it around for good.

-Pray for our government leaders and scientists to lead us well to promote wisdom and not fear or panic.

-Pray that those who are panicking would have their hearts opened to the peace that only Jesus can offer.

This situation continues to be ever-changing so keep checking back here for further updates. As of now neither our government leaders nor denominational leaders are saying we can’t meet, but should they, then we will obey their commands. For now, don’t panic, use wisdom and keep the faith!

Gilbert Thurston
Lead Pastor