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Joy to the World
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Here Comes Heaven
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Unexpected Hero
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This is how Jesus Christ was born. A young woman named Mary was engaged to Joseph from King David’s family. But before they were married, she learned that she was going to have a baby by God’s Holy Spirit. Joseph was a good man and did not want to embarrass Mary in front of everyone. So he decided to quietly divorce her instead.

While Joseph was thinking about this, an angel from the Lord came to him in a dream. The angel said, “Joseph, the baby that Mary will have is from the Holy Spirit, don’t be afraid to bring her into your home as your wife. She will give birth to a son, and you should name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” So the Lord’s promise came true, just as the prophet had said, “A virgin will have a baby boy, and he will be called Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.”

After Joseph woke up, he brought Mary into his home, just as the Lord’s angel had told him to do. But they did not sleep together before her baby was born. Then Joseph named him Jesus.

-Matthew 1:18-25

What Following Jesus Looks Like:

1.  I must and .

If you love me, you will do as I command.

-John 14:15

2.  I must be willing to accept  that following Jesus may be my own .

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone wants to become my follower, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.

-Matthew 16:24

3. I must myself.

4. I must be willing to embrace .  My willingness to sacrifice always has to do with my and awareness of the that will come.

Where My Strength to Follow Jesus Comes From:

1. A kept .

2. A beautiful .

To discuss during the week with your family or Life Group

1What were the biggest obstacles Mary and Joseph had in following Jesus?

2. Gilbert shared 4 ways in which we must follow Jesus. Which one do you find most challenging?  Why?  What can you do about this? 

3. He also shared 2 ways in which we get the strength to follow Jesus. How do these give you hope in your own life?

4. What is your next step as a result of this message?